Canadian River Big Red (Red)

• NAVHDA NA:  104 Prize II

• Coat:  Dense Medium Harsh

• Hips: OFA Good

• Weight:  55

• DOB:  5/6/2017

Red’s Pedigree

Red is the daughter of Pepper and has inherited many of her field and personality traits. Red is a beautiful, athletically built griff with a smile to match.  She is friendly and affectionate and has a big personality.  Red’s coat was rated in her NAVHDA test as being dense and medium harsh.  Red is off to a great start upland hunting, although we didn’t have many birds in the state this past season.  She is a natural backer and she runs strong and fast in the field.  Red has shown continued progress in her first year or two with waterfowl.  We have worked a lot with ducks this off season.  This will be her first season in the duck blind.  I believe she will be a great waterfowl dog. 

Stonyridge Misty (Pepper)

• NAVHDA NA:  107 Prize II

• NAVHDA Utility:  197 Prize II

• Coat:  Medium Dense Harsh

• Hips:  OFA Good

• Weight:  55

• DOB:  03/02/2013

Pepper’s Pedigree

At Canadian River Gundogs Pepper has set the standard for what we believe a griff should be.  She is a double bred Black River Dallas product. With this level of linebreeding she has been very valuable in our breeding program as she tends to throw more of her genetics into her pups than those she is bred too. For those unfamiliar, Black River Dallas is renowned in the griff world as being a top quality hunting dog and a phenomenal producer of top performing griffs. This has certainly been the case with Pepper. She has proven herself in the field and water and in NAVHDA tests as well with her Utility prize II performance. She has a perfect field coat.  She rangers from 70-100 yards hunting quail in Western Oklahoma.  At times she may even top 300 plus yards.  She will give you everything she has while upland hunting.  She is quick to locate downed birds and retrieves to hand.  Pepper is quiet and steady in the duck blind.  She has the drive to retrieve ducks time and time again.  Pepper is now retired from breeding and we will continue to hunt her for what we hope to be many seasons to come. 

Stellar Vista Castle Rock (Louie)

• NAVHDA NA: 112 Prize 1

• Coat: Medium Dense Medium Harsh

• Hips:  Pennhip LT.28 RT.25 19 months

• Weight:  65

• DOB:  07/12/2013

Louie’s pedigree

Louie is owned by Shane Albritton, his wife Amy, and their 2 children.   Louie resides and in Wichita Kansas.   He is lucky enough to have access to hundreds of acres of private land in the some of the best upland hunting Kansas has to offer.   He is a strong well-built dog with medium range.   He has been on hundreds of wild pheasant and dozens of covey of wild quail.   He is intelligent and cooperative.   He has produced great litters for us and will continue to be a valuable stud. 

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